What does “auction announcement” mean?

The vehicle was sold at an auction and they announced a specific detail about the vehicle. We are partnered with certain auctions and display what they announce during the sale of the vehicle.

For example, ”auction announcement - accident repair” could mean this vehicle has been rebuilt from salvage.

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What does “cancellation” mean?

This term is used to describe the cancellation of a policy of insurance for a vehicle.

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What does "Disclosure" mean?


A disclosure is a fact or detail about the motor vehicle related to its past use, history or condition.

Some jurisdictions may require certain disclosures be made at time of sale.


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What does “grey market” mean?

An older term used for any vehicle that is imported into the U.S. that was not originally manufactured for the U.S. market.

Normally seen on old CarProof (now CARFAX Canada) reports.

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What does “reported at auto auction” mean?

This means the vehicle was registered for sale at a wholesale auto auction for dealers only. This is a common way for dealers and manufacturers to sell used and fleet vehicles to other dealers. Odometer readings and other announcements are recorded.

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What does “theft recovery” mean?

The vehicle was identified as having been stolen from its legal owner but was later confirmed to have been recovered by authorities.

Inspection of the vehicle is recommended.

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What's in a CARFAX Canada History Report?