A wholesale auto auction has reported that the vehicle has sustained frame damage, which can weaken the structure of the vehicle and may result in the vehicle being negatively branded (i.e. Salvage, Rebuilt) by a provincial vehicle registration authority if it has not been already. 

This may also be reported if the auction has confirmed if:

  • Vehicle was previously used by law enforcement
  • A snowplow was attached to the frame
  • A trailer hitch was attached to the frame
  • Other components were attached to the frame
  • There were signs of excessive rust/corrosion
  • Signs of non-compromising damage to the frame

We are unable to obtain additional information to these announcements, such as the exact reason the auction reported frame and/or structural damage.

Modifications, such as these, are unlikely to result in vehicle’s structural and/or mechanical integrity being weakened, meaning it is unlikely a vehicle would be negatively branded by a Provincial vehicle registration authority.

Before you buy a used car, we recommend that you get a CARFAX Canada Vehicle History Report, take a thorough test drive and have the vehicle inspected by a qualified mechanic or auto technician to make sure the vehicle is functioning properly. We would also recommend speaking with your Provincial vehicle registration authority to further ensure vehicle can be registered with and operated in your province.