That’s entirely up to you! See below for our recommended report types by need:

Vehicle History Report + Lien Check (formerly Verified Report): Our most detailed vehicle history report. It includes accident history, registration information, a stolen vehicle check and other available records as well as a guaranteed Canadian lien search. Click here to learn more about what a lien is, and why it’s important to know if there is a lien registered against the car that you’re purchasing.

Vehicle History Report + Lien Check (BC) (formerly VerifiedBC): This report includes all the same information as a Vehicle History Report + Lien Check report but also includes all available damage, estimate and insurance information from ICBC – BC’s public insurance company. For more information, please see:  "What is a lien?" and/or What does “Add ICBC Check” mean?

Vehicle History Report (formerly Claims): A CARFAX Canada Vehicle History Report does not offer lien information, but does provide you with the car’s full accident or damage history, as well as registration and branding details from Canada (excluding Northwest Territories) and the U.S. This report will also tell you if the vehicle is marked as stolen along with other information and records.

Vehicle History Report (BC) (formerly ClaimsBC): This report is the same as our Vehicle History Report but also includes any available damage, estimate and/or insurance information from ICBC – BC’s public insurance company 

3 Vehicle History Reports + 1 Lien Check (formerly VALUE Pack): Great when you are shopping for a used vehicle privately. With the ability to run multiple reports on multiple VINs, you can compare various aspects of the vehicles and make an informed decision. We suggest that you apply the one included lien check to the vehicle that you intend to purchase.