CARFAX Canada provides available service records to give you an idea of how the vehicle was maintained, such as:

  • engine checked
  • wheels checked
  • vehicle serviced
  • maintenance inspection completed
  • tires rotated
  • oil and filter changed
  • tire condition / pressure checked
  • electrical system checked
  • trim repaired

Please note that service records are not available for all VINs, therefore the service record details on your report may vary. CARFAX Canada does not alter any report data; we are unable to add or revise service records on vehicle history reports as they’re owned by individual service facilities.

If your service facility’s records are not appearing on your vehicle’s history report, and your facility is not currently reporting to CARFAX Canada, please contact them to invite them to begin sharing their data with CARFAX Canada so that your vehicle’s service history may be reflected in the future.

If you wish to easily record and keep track of your vehicle’s service history – including records from a service facility not reporting to CARFAX Canada and/or your own maintenance of the vehicle, you can do so for free through CARFAX Canada Car Care. For more information, please see: What is CARFAX Canada Car Care?