There are service records listed on my report. What does this mean?

CARFAX Canada provides available service records to give you an idea of how the vehicle was maintained, such as:

  • engine checked
  • wheels checked
  • vehicle serviced
  • maintenance inspection completed
  • tires rotated
  • oil and filter changed
  • tire condition
  • pressure checked
  • electrical system checked
  • trim repaired

Please note that service records are not available for all VINs, therefore the service record details on your report may vary. CARFAX Canada does not alter any report data; we are unable to add or revise service records on vehicle history reports as they’re owned by individual service facilities.

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What does “independent source” mean for an odometer reading?

Independent source is an odometer reading that is manually entered by the owner on a listing site when they are trying to sell their vehicle.

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What does “odometer problem” mean?

The vehicle has odometer-related problems. This may include like a broken odometer, exceeding a vehicle’s mechanical limits, mileage discrepancy or suspicious kilometres reported.

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What does “odometer reading” mean?

This is the odometer reading supplied to CARFAX Canada, along with the unit of measure:

  • KM = Kilometres
  • MI = Miles
  • U = Unknown

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What does the “U” following the odometer reading mean?

It stands for “unknown,” meaning that someone didn't enter the units (miles or kms) for the odometer reading.

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Why are there no odometer readings on my report?

We obtain odometer readings from many different verifiable sources such as service facilities, listing sites, estimates and auctions. If there aren't any odometer readings available from these sources, then this section is left blank on the report.

If there are no odometer readings on the report, we recommend you ask the seller to provide you service history or work orders so that you can confirm the true mileage on the vehicle.

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Why are there no service records on my report?

We get our service records from service facilities that agree to share their data with us.

If the vehicle wasn't serviced at a facility that we receive data from, we recommend you ask the seller of the vehicle to provide you with service records to verify work that has been done or to have vehicle mechanically inspected.

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Why does it say "service facility" but not exactly where it was serviced?

Some service facilities agree to have their names listed on the report, while others do not.

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Why don’t all service records have the same level of detail?

The level of detail provided in your report will vary as it is dependent on the service records that each service facility shares.

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