In Canada, lien information is publicly accessible through sources such as (fees apply).

When you search for a lien, it could return details such as the lien holder's name, address, the company who financed the lien, etc.

When a lien is granted, the individual who signs the documentation is noting that it is public information, and they are acknowledging that the lien can be searched for.

It’s important to note that a lien is attached to the vehicle, not the individual. So, when buying a used vehicle, it's important that buyers are aware of any outstanding liens so that they don’t get stuck with someone else’s debt.

If you find out there is a lien on a vehicle you intend to purchase, don’t worry. They are easy to clear before you take possession. We have instructions on our website that you can follow.

If you have any other questions on why certain details are being displayed in the lien information, we recommend you reach out to the secured party who financed the lien.