Our commitment is to provide the most comprehensive vehicle history report in the country so Canadians can make better decisions about buying and selling vehicles. To support his, we have access to billions of records from thousands of trusted sources across North America including Canadian and U.S. motor vehicle agencies, insurance agencies, collision repair facilities, auto auctions, police departments and more.

While we are the most comprehensive vehicle history reporting service in Canada, a report reflects information as it was supplied to CARFAX Canada by participating data sources.

If you believe information on the Vehicle History Report for a vehicle you own is inaccurate and wish to request an investigation, please return to support.carfax.ca and click "Request a Review." Please include:

  • VIN
  • Vehicle History Report number (optional)
  • Phone number
  • License plate number
  • Details about your request (for more information details to include, please see below)
  • If you wish to include document(s) and/or photo(s), you can do so by clicking "+ Attach a File"

When including details about your request, here are some suggestions of what to include:

  • Date(s) of the record(s) you believe to be inaccurate
  • Record type(s) you believe to be inaccurate (i.e. odometer reading, claim, estimate, service record, etc...)
  • Brief description of why you believe the record(s) to be inaccurate

Suggestions of which documents/photos to include with your request, based on the record type of concern:

  • For odometer-related concerns, please include a photo of the vehicle's current odometer reading and/or any documentation from the originating source of that information
  • For service-related concerns, please include your license plate number and province
  • For estimate and/or insurance claim concerns, if available to you, please provide documentation from your insurance provider. This document (or in the details of your request), should include the name, phone number and email address of the contact from your insurance company as well as the policy number, coverage period and claim number or itemized claims history.
    • We would also recommend, if submitting documentation from your insurance company, that you contact them to provide with them with consent to speak with CARFAX Canada directly about your policy's claims history

Once an investigation has been completed, if it can be verified that data reported to us was inaccurate, we will work with our data sources to have that information updated or removed from the vehicle's history.

While we strive to complete all investigations as quickly as possible, we cannot guarantee the length of time an investigation will take to be completed.