A data record reflecting accident and/or damage details contained on a collision report filed by law enforcement.

Police reported accident records will normally reflect the following:

  • Incident date
  • Province (or state) in which the collision report was filed
  • Brief description of the incident
  • Damage severity (as recorded by law enforcement)

Not all police reported accident records will contain all of the above information. Police reported accident records will not contain a dollar value associated with the damages.

If you believe that a police reported accident record reported about your VIN has been reported incorrectly or contains incorrect information/details, please see: I believe information on my CARFAX Canada Vehicle History Report is inaccurate. What do I do?

Before you buy a used car, we recommend that you get a CARFAX Canada Vehicle History Report, take a thorough test drive and have the vehicle inspected by a qualified mechanic and/or auto technician to make sure the vehicle is functioning properly.