While you may have paid your outstanding debt obligation to your lender, the process of clearing that lien from government records has not yet been completed.

Contact your lender to request documentation noting that they have released their interest in the vehicle/have no further interest in the vehicle and keep a copy of that document with your records to show interested buyers. Be prepared to contact your lender to further verify this for any potential purchaser.

Contact your lender to request support in having the lien record cleared from the PPSR/PPSA records. Once your lender confirms that the lien has been cleared from PPSR/PPSA records, request a copy of a clear provincial lien check document from them or you may need to obtain a provincial lien check document from the provincial PPSR yourself.

Keep a copy of this record as confirmation for purchasers that though there was an active lien record at the time of your CARFAX Canada Vehicle History Report + Lien Check order, the province has since cleared that record as of the date noted on the provincial lien check document. The provincial lien check record should be issued by the same province as the one listed on the CARFAX Canada report.