If you've ordered a report and no information is found and/or you see "VIN did not decode" on the report, chances are that the VIN entered is incorrect or could not be verified.

Please contact us by returning to support.carfax.ca and clicking "Contact Us." Please include:

  • VIN (as it appears on the report)
  • Vehicle's expected Year, Make and Model
  • Vehicle History Report number or URL
  • Confirmation of whether you are the owner of this vehicle
    • OPTIONAL: If you are the owner, please also include a photo of the vehicle's VIN plate or documentation containing the vehicle's VIN and Year, Make and Model information

If you have not ordered a report and want to see if our system will recognize a VIN, please visit www.carfax.ca/vin-decode.

If you have received a message related to the VIN entered, please see: What does the "We couldn't verify your VIN" message mean?