If you're unable to order a vehicle history report from www.carfax.ca/order please:

  • Ensure you are entering a valid VIN (if entering a VIN at time of purchase)
  • Complete all required fields on the order and/or payment page(s)
  • Try refreshing your browser and/or closing the browser and re-visiting the page
  • Ensure you are using a supported, modern internet browser and that your device operating system is also up-to-date

If you are receiving an error message regarding the VIN you have entered, please see: What does the "We couldn't verify your VIN" message mean?

If you continue to experience ordering issues please return to support.carfax.ca, click on "Contact Us" and include the following information so that we may review and assist with your request:

  • VIN and vehicle's year, make and model
  • Email address
  • Which report type you are attempting to order
  • A brief description of your ordering experience
  • Include a screenshot/image of any/all error messages you are receiving when trying to complete your order (optional)