This means that one or more of our data sources hasn't sent data over yet.

The report will automatically update - usually within minutes - once we have received a response from each of our data sources.

In order to provide the most up-to-date information in our reports, we search lien information in real time. If you order a Vehicle History Report + Lien Check, Vehicle History Report + Lien Check (BC) or redeem a lien check in your 3 Vehicle History Reports + 1 Lien Check order in the evening or on a weekend/holiday, the report might say "Almost done... We're just collecting info from our data sources" or the Report Status may display "Pending" until the following business morning when the data sources re-open. The moment lien information is available, your report will update and complete automatically.

If your report has not completed by the end of the next business day, please contact us at and clicking "Contact Us." Please include the VIN and Vehicle History Report number in your submission.