In most provinces, a vehicle can never be re-branded as Normal once it's been branded Salvage. The vehicle can only be re-branded as Rebuilt once appropriate repairs have been confirmed to have been completed through a provincial inspection, or it can be branded as Non-Repairable if an inspection determines the vehicle cannot be repaired as required.

Known exceptions:

  • Some provinces may brand a stolen vehicle as Salvage but may return the vehicle to a Normal status based on the results of a provincial inspection,
  • In cases where a province has branded a vehicle as Salvage in error

Before you buy a used car, we recommend that you get a CARFAX Canada Vehicle History Report, take a thorough test drive and have the vehicle inspected by a qualified mechanic or auto technician to make sure the vehicle is functioning properly.

For questions/concerns related to a vehicle’s brand, please contact your provincial vehicle registration authority.