Branding is the process of assigning brand types that indicate whether a vehicle has been severely damaged in the past.

These brand types can include:

  • Irreparable
  • Salvage
  • Rebuilt 
  • Normal (Active) 

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Does your report show whether a vehicle is currently stolen?

Yes. We search the VIN through the Canadian Police Information Center to check if the vehicle is currently stolen.

If the vehicle is stolen when the report is run and then later recovered, a new report would need to be run to reflect those changes.

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How would I report my vehicle stolen on your report?

You cannot report this information directly to us. You need to contact your local police department to report your stolen vehicle.

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If a vehicle is branded as salvage, how can it be re-branded as normal?

A vehicle can never be re-branded as normal once it's been branded salvage; the vehicle can only be branded as rebuilt. 

For this to happen, the vehicle must pass an inspection. We recommend you reach out to your Ministry of Transportation to find out what steps need to be taken to change the branding of the vehicle.

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“Not found” (registration status)

When the search was conducted, a registration status was not found. If there are no registration records found, please check the VIN plate on the vehicle to ensure it’s the same as found on the history report.

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Salvage (branding)

A vehicle is branded salvaged when:

  • Damage occurs that affects the structural integrity of the vehicle

  • Or the cost of repairing the vehicle for legal operation on public roads exceeded the fair market value it held prior to the vehicle being damaged



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Sold (registration event)

Vehicle has been identified as sold by the registered owner.

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What does a registration brand/status of “moved” mean?

If the owner of a vehicle moves out of province and takes the vehicle with them, the province they are leaving will brand the vehicle as moved.

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What does “Canadian renewal” mean?

Ministry of Transportation office in any Canadian province or territory. The indication of Canadian renewal coming from the motor vehicle department can also mean that a transaction was done at the ministry such as an address change or name change.

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What does “commercial” mean?

This means the vehicle was registered and used for business purposes (such as a delivery truck, taxi or car rental).

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