CARFAX Canada recommends including a lien check with your order when you are purchasing or selling a used vehicle through a private sale.

Licensed vehicle retailers in Canada are not permitted to sell a vehicle that still has an active lien against it, and many provinces have consumer protections in place to protect consumers should a licensed retailer sell a vehicle with a lien on it.

Licensed retailers take many steps to confirm and when applicable, clear a vehicle's lien status prior to selling a vehicle. Many licensed retailers will have documentation to confirm there is no lien on the vehicle (such as a CARFAX Canada Vehicle History Report + Lien Check and/or other documentation from a provincial lien registry or from a lender). If your vehicle retailer has documentation confirming no lien against a vehicle, you would not require a lien check.

If you require additional peace of mind regarding the lien status of a vehicle you intend to purchase from a licensed retailer, then we would recommend ordering a CARFAX Canada Vehicle History Report + Lien Check from