What does “recycled” mean?

The vehicle was reported as scrapped, or major components were removed by a recycling facility.

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What does “theft from vehicle” mean?

Items were stolen that were either attached to or part of the vehicle. These could include air bags, stereos, rims and tires. This does NOT include personal items in the vehicle like golf clubs or laptops.

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What does “theft of entire vehicle” mean?

The whole vehicle was stolen. The payout is based on whether the vehicle had to be replaced, or if any damage was sustained by the unit while out of the owner’s possession.

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What does “vehicle valuation” mean?

This record most often appears in cases where a vehicle is stolen, or damage to the vehicle is approaching or exceeds its current value. 

This will always appear as $0.00 on a CARFAX Canada report.

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What is a 43R claim?

43R is a waiver of depreciation endorsement attached to the insurer’s policy that, when applied, will result in a Total loss claim - meaning the insurance company will either replace the vehicle with a newer model or repay the MSRP value of the vehicle. Coverage is granted for a period of time designated by the insurance company.

The indication of 43R will appear regardless of the claim amount as it’s attached to the policy.

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What does "cloned VIN" mean?

A cloned vehicle is a car that has had its VIN modified or tampered to match the VIN of another vehicle.

This is typically done to mask the VIN of a stolen vehicle. A cloned vehicle that has had its VIN changed can be seized by police. The owner of the vehicle must contact the DMV with the fraudulent VIN to issue a Cloned VIN Alert.

If the CARFAX Canada report is showing history in another province or in the United States, double check with the seller to make sure it's accurate. If the seller says the vehicle has never been to the United States or registered in another province yet it’s shown on the report, please have the owner contact the customer support team to investigate this further. If a VIN is cloned, there are steps the owner must take to have the incorrect records revoked.

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What is a damage event?

A damage event is information about previous damage, such as auction announcements, police-related records or repair records.

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What is a glass claim?

A glass claim is a type of claim filed by an insurance company in which the claim amount is used to repair or replace the windshield or other glass windows on the vehicle.

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What is an “insurance claim amount?”

This is the dollar amount an insurance company paid for damages to or replacement of an insured vehicle. Please note that the dollar value of a recent claim can change if the claim is still being processed.

Insurance claim amounts on CARFAX Canada reports do not include payment for expenses like rental vehicles or personal injuries. For more information on claim amounts, please see:

What is a zero-dollar ($0.00) claim? 

Total loss

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What is a “lemon?”

It is a US brand attached to a vehicle's title if it has problems that could not be fixed by the manufacturer. 

The specifics of what constitutes a lemon varies by state but once a vehicle is branded a lemon there are various legal remedies available to the consumer, which may include the manufacturer buying back or replacing the vehicle.

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