We do our best to keep your odometer reading updated by displaying the kilometres reported during your last service appointment. However, your odometer reading could have been reported incorrectly by mistake or it might be out of date.

To update your odometer reading, click on the edit symbol beside your mileage in the Car Care app.

If you believe odometer information appearing in your Car Care account is inaccurate and you are unable to modify it, please see: I believe information on my CARFAX Canada Vehicle History Report is inaccurate. What do I do?

When submitting a request to have data in your Car Care account reviewed, please ensure to note the following in your submission:

  • the data in question is in Car Care,
  • the email address associated with your Car Care account,
  • the vehicle's VIN and license plate (incl. province)
  • the vehicle's current odometer reading
  • If available to you, please include a copy of the service invoice by clicking "+ Attach a file"