Are service shop reviews filtered?

Car Care does not filter service shop reviews and they appear in the order in which we receive them.

However, we do have the ability to remove any inappropriate and offensive reviews.  

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Can I add a DIY service to Car Care?


To add a record for a service that you've completed yourself click on the "Add Service Record" button in your Service History.

Please note, because this service was not performed by an authorized shop, it will not be included on the vehicle's CARFAX Canada Vehicle History Report.

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Can I access any features without making a Car Care account?

Yes, the “Recall Check” feature is available on here: carfax.ca/recall-check, for non-Car Care users.

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Can I control which notifications I get about my car(s)?

Yes, here's how to manage your notifications:

Car Care web experience

Car Care app

  1. Go to your Account Settings

  2. Click on "Manage Notifications" from the left-hand side menu

  3. Under "My Car Maintenance" you can manage which notifications you wish to receive.

  1. Go to your Garage in the Car Care app

  2. click on the three lines (Ξ) in the upper left-hand side of the screen to expand the menu

  3. Click "Settings"

  4. Click "Email Notifications"

  5. Deselect the emails you no longer wish to receive

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Can I edit my reviews?

You can edit a review up to 30 days after it was created.

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Can I use the US version of CARFAX Car Care even though I live in Canada?

This is not recommended but it's possible.

To use the US version of the app you will have to download the app from the US App Store (Google Play Store or Apple App Store) and use a separate log-in than your Canadian account (if you have one).

Please note that we do not allow users to switch between the US/Canada experiences once they've chosen one.

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Do I need an account to get alerts for my car?

Yes, you need to have a Car Care account to start receiving alerts for your car(s).

To create your Car Care account click here to get started on the web or visit the Google Play Store and/or the Apple App Store to download the app and create your account

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How are Car Care notifications timed?

Here’s how we determine how your Car Care notifications are timed:

  1. Oil change due: Based on your maintenance schedule

  2. Tire rotation due: Based on when your last reported tire rotation was completed, your tire rotation interval (number of months/km till next rotation) and your estimated odometer reading

  3. Registration due: Based on when your last reported registration was completed and the registration interval in your province or territory

  4. Leave a service review: After you have completed a service at a service shop that is a partner of CARFAX Canada

  5. Dashboard report: Sent on a monthly basis

  6. Open recalls: Information is provided as soon as it’s reported

Within Car Care, you can adjust your interval settings to reflect your service needs

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How do I modify my Car Care app notification settings on my phone?

Using an Android device:
Using iPhone or iPad:
  1. Go to your device's Settings app and select "Sound and Notification"
  2. Select the Apps icon
  3. Select "Car Care" from the list and turn off notifications

Note: some devices may not have the same menu or options. 

  1. Go to Settings and select "Notifications"
  2. Select "Car Care"
  3. Specify the notifications you wish to receive and/or disable.

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How do I remove a car from my Garage?

To remove a car from your Car Care Garage:

Car Care web experience
Car Care app
  1. Login to www.carfax.ca/service and select "Edit Garage"
  2. Click the red trash can on the vehicle you would like to remove
  3. Click "Yes Delete"
  4. Confirm removal by clicking "Yes Delete" again
  1. Tap the three vertical dots () next to the vehicle that you want to delete and choose "Delete" from the options.
  2. Confirm the removal by clicking "Yes"

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