The vehicle was identified as having been stolen from its legal owner and a subsequent insurance claim was classified as such.

This does not mean vehicle is currently stolen.

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Theft from vehicle

Items were stolen that were attached to or part of the vehicle, which may include air bags, stereo, rims and tires. This does NOT include personal items in the vehicle like golf clubs or laptops.

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Theft of entire vehicle

The vehicle was stolen. The payout is based on whether the vehicle had to be replaced or if any damage occurred while out of the owner’s possession.

This does mean the vehicle is currently stolen.

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Theft recovered

The vehicle was previously reported as stolen and has since been confirmed to have been recovered by authorities.

Inspection of the vehicle is recommended.

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Total loss

A term used by some insurance companies to describe a collision or other damage claims where the claim amount was equal to or greater than the full market value of the vehicle, and/or the vehicle’s structural integrity was severely compromised (see: Why does the estimate show “total loss,” but the vehicle was neither branded as “salvage” or “rebuilt?”)

Some insurance companies offer policy amendments which automatically result in Total loss – such as 43r and/or 19a – and/or may file a claim as Total loss for other business reasons. This can result in claim amounts that greatly exceed the actual dollar value of the damages to the vehicle – but matches the vehicle’s fair market value and/or MSRP.  Typically, in these scenarios an insurance company will take ownership of the vehicle for future re-sale.

A CARFAX Canada report and/or vehicle seller may show Estimate and/or Repair record amounts that are lower than the claim amount. Check with the seller to see if they have any repair documentation that shows cost to repair and/or ask them if vehicle was acquired through an insurance-based auction. 

CARFAX Canada recommends a thorough inspection be completed to confirm vehicle's condition.

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Value of claim unavailable

The equivalent of a zero-dollar claim ($0.00). An appraisal has not been completed for this claim therefore the appraised damage amount is unavailable.

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Vehicle in dealer inventory

The vehicle was in a retail dealer’s inventory on the date reported.

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Vehicle manufactured and shipped to dealer

Indicates when a vehicle was delivered to a dealer and available for sale as a brand-new unit.

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Vehicle status date

The date of a vehicle’s most recent change in registration status.

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Vehicle title

A certificate issued in the US by the state Motor Vehicle Department to designate the legal owner of a vehicle. With very few exceptions, a security interest or lien must be noted on the certificate of title.

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