Damage to vehicle

Insurance industry term/classification for claims related to vehicle repair costs. 

Damage to vehicle excludes damage resulting from a collision with another vehicle, fire or theft.

Examples include parking lot incidents, damage incurred while parked, weather damage, etc....

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A disclosure is a fact or detail about the motor vehicle related to its past use, history or condition.

Some jurisdictions may require certain disclosures be made at time of sale.

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DMV record adjustment

A data record used by CARFAX Canada to describe any adjustment - made by the issuing motor vehicle department - to an existing title or registration record.

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Emission/safety inspection

An approved emission testing station has inspected the vehicle to measure the amount of pollutants it emits and/or inspected the vehicle to verify compliance with safety standards.

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Fleet, rental and/or lease use

This means the vehicle has been reported as used as a fleet, rental and/or lease vehicle. An example of a fleet would be a vehicle lent to a company for temporary use. When we display the previous use of a vehicle, it’s because it was documented on the VIN at the motor vehicle department.

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Grey market

An older term used for any vehicle that is imported into the US that was not originally manufactured for the US market.

Normally this term is seen on CarProof-branded (now CARFAX Canada) reports that would have been generated prior to October 2018.

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Hail damage

The vehicle was damaged by hail. This wording is seen on vehicle history reports on Estimate and/or Insurance damage records to identify how vehicle was damaged.

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Incorrect VIN (registration status)

The VIN, though associated with a registered vehicle, has an abnormal configuration.

Normally appears on CARFAX Canada reports for "Classic" vehicles and/or other non-passenger car/light truck vehicles.

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Insurance claim amount

Represents the dollar amount paid by an insurance company for damages to and/or replacement of an insured vehicle. Insurance claim amounts on CARFAX Canada reports do not include amounts paid for expenses such as rental vehicles or personal injuries.

Insurance claim amounts may differ from Estimate and/or Repair record amounts for a number of different reasons. For more information on claim amounts, please see:

What is a zero-dollar ($0.00) claim?

Total loss

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A US brand attached to a vehicle that could not be fixed by the manufacturer. The definition of a lemon varies from state to state, but once a vehicle is branded a lemon, there are various legal remedies available to the consumer, which may include the manufacturer buying back or replacing the vehicle. Note that the warranty was likely nullified when this brand was applied.

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