Vehicle was reported as scrapped or major components removed by a recycling facility.

Inspection of the vehicle is recommended to verify its condition.

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Registration effective date

The date this particular registration record became effective.

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Registration expiry date

The date that this registration expires or expired.

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The vehicle was registered or renewed by a registration authority (state or provincial). 

Typically, this is a change of ownership or renewal of a license plate sticker. Indicate of a renewal with the motor vehicle department could also be an indication that transaction - such as name or address change - was completed.

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Reported at auto auction

Means the vehicle was registered for sale at a wholesale auto auction. This is a common way for dealers and manufacturers to sell used and fleet vehicles to other dealers. Odometer readings and other announcements are recorded.

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R.I.V. (Registrar of Imported Vehicles)

Created by Transport Canada to establish and operate Canada's national program of vehicle registration, inspection and certification.

This program aims to ensure that vehicles originally manufactured for the US market and subsequently imported to Canada meet Canadian road safety standards.

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Secured party

This term is used to describe the party who has been granted the lien or security interest in the vehicle.

On CARFAX Canada Vehicle History Report + Lien Check reports, the secured party is also the lien holder, and usually also the lender.

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Security interest

The ownership interest that a vehicle owner grants to a party as security or collateral for a loan. 

If a security interest is properly filed, it may be enforceable against subsequent parties who take an ownership interest in the vehicle.

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Stolen (status)

The vehicle has been reported to the police as stolen and has not yet been recovered. 

If a vehicle is showing on the report as stolen but has since been recovered, a new history report would need to be run as we reflect the information available to us at the time the report was run.

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Storm area registration/title

Storm registration/title is reported when a vehicle was registered or titled prior to a storm event in a FEMA designated storm damaged area.

Storm events include hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters.

While a vehicle may have been reported as titled or registered in an affected area, it may not have been damaged by the storm, or it may have been moved to safety during the storm.

We recommend a thorough professional inspection of the vehicle to confirm no storm damage.

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