Not actual miles

The actual mileage on the vehicle is reported to be different than the odometer reading.

Typically, this phrase is associated with US-based Title/Registration records. This term would be included on owner's US-issued Title certificate.

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Odometer problem

The vehicle has odometer-related problems. These may include discrepancies like: not actual miles, a broken odometer, exceeding a vehicle’s mechanical limits, and mileage discrepancy, or suspect miles.

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Odometer reading

The number of kilometres or miles a vehicle has travelled, as reported to CARFAX Canada, along with the unit of measure: KM = Kilometres, MI = Miles and U = Unknown.

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Partial loss

An insurance term used by some insurance companies to describe a collision or other damage claim where the claim amount was less than the full market value of the vehicle.

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Point of impact - all over

This means that the vehicle sustained damage in multiple places. This term is commonly used to describe hail damage in vehicle repair estimate records.

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Point of impact - roof

Used to indicate that the first point of impact of damages to vehicle was the roof.

Used for damage from hail, falling trees, etc... but may also appear if the vehicle was involved in a roll-over incident.

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Possible total loss-vehicle, title/registered to an insurance company

It’s possible to see an indication of Total Loss without the vehicle being branded. If a certain threshold is met (set by the insurance company), the Total Loss trigger is set.

If your report indicates “possible total loss,” review the “Canadian Registration Section” to confirm the branding of the vehicle.

If "Title/Registered to an insurance company" is included with the record, the vehicle was deemed a total loss by the insurance company and ownership of the vehicle was transferred to that company.

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Private insurance company

An insurance company that was not created by an act of government. Private insurance companies are most prevalent in Canadian jurisdictions where there is no government mandated public insurance.

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Public insurance

An insurance company that was created or chartered by an act of government. Public insurance companies are mandated in British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The Québec government also governs private insurance for vehicles in its jurisdiction.

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Rebuilt (branding)

A salvage vehicle that has been repaired. It must have been certified or passed inspection to allow it to be registered.

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